Monday, 26 January 2015

Tried It! - Geometric Clay Tealight Holders

About a week ago, I came across a posting by Gathering Beauty for these adorable tealight holders.

DIY Faceted Clay Tealight Holders made from air drying clay - Gathering Beauty
(Gathering Beauty Version)

... and the best thing about them is that they're made using air-drying clay, so they're totally do-able home DIY projects. Following their steps, I was able to whip up several of them too.

(Creatively Mediated Version)

You'll see that Gathering Beauty was able to fit their holder tightly around the tealight. This could have been because (a) they left the tealight in the clay when drying it or (b) they're wizards. It's up to you to decide. However, by removing the tealight and having a slightly larger space in the holder, you will be able to swap out tealights and use it again and again and again...

- J

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