Sunday, 26 October 2014

25 Random Acts of Kindness

This year I decided to do 25 acts of kindness for my 25th birthday. It was challenging but extremely rewarding and really really fun! I've posted the list of acts below to (a) recognize and thank all of my wonderful friends that brainstormed with me, provided ideas, or joined me along the way and (b) to share the acts and links to different organizations for any of you interested in putting some extra positive vibes out there.

1. Cut and donated hair.
2. Donated blood.

3. Donated Voice.
4. Donated Clothes.
5. Donated Food.
6. Officially (and finally) registered as an organ donor.
7. Crocheted baby hats for Victoria Hospital London, Ontario.
8. Corrected the annoying grammatical error on local sign.
9. Brought treats for the Grad Secretaries.
10. Complemented a stranger.
11. Wrote a 'Thank-You' letter to an old professor.
12. Created winter care packages for homeless individuals.
13. Paid for the person behind me in the drive-thru.
14. Put sticky notes with positive slogans on the mirrors in restrooms, around the mall and around campus.
15. Held doors open for people as much as possible for the whole month.
16. Posted tear-off fliers with free compliments.
17. Left loonies on kids’ rides at the mall.
18. Finally wrote/ responded to some of the letters that I have neglected for the last 2+ years.
19. Wrote to anonymous letters for the More Love letters campaign.
20. Gave directions to lost travellers.
21. Left extra quarters for people who need to use the phone booth.
22. Donated to World Vision (Purchased a years’ worth of medicine and antibiotics for 10 children).
23. Volunteered at the local youth centre.
24. Took a friend out for tea.
25. Gave Halloween candy to students studying in the library.

- J

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