Monday, 26 August 2013

DIY Inspiration - Necklace Holders

If your anything like me, your necklaces are consistently kept in a big stringy clump. How can you avoid it? It's so hard to decide which goes best with a specific outfit!

Every time I get dress it feels like i have to experiment with 3+ necklaces before I can find one that works. By that point, I am usually late for something meaning that I have to throw all of the unsuccessful candidates into a pile and run out the door. Is it any wonder that my collection looks like this? (On a good day!)

As you can see, it's not an awful set up but it is VERY far from being tidy. So what do contemporary people do when faced with an organizational problem? We turn to Pinterest!

Here are a couple of my favourite necklace organizers...

1. Branch Necklace Holder by Simple Mom

** Easy to prepare! I think that it would also look very nice if drift wood was used.

2. Clothes Pin Organizers by Power Tools and High Heels

On-wards and organize!
- J

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