Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Tried It - Chocolate Garnishs

As you can see, I love cake decorating. Dare I say, even more than I love eat eating. Weird right?

I'm always looking for neat tricks to simplify or revolutionize the decorating process and happened across this little gem.. Squeeze Bottle + Melted Chocolate + Wax Paper + Image Printout = Wow

Hostess with the Mostess gives a great step-by-step tutorial for creating stunning abstract chocolate pieces (Here). They are super easy to create and add a gourmet touch to simple deserts.

You can use this same technique to model chocolate toppings as well. Simply switch parchment paper for wax paper and place a print out image of your choosing underneath. Then, with the squeeze bottle full of chocolate, trace over the printed image and let it cool. I've previously used this method to make heart shape toppings for valentines day cupcakes and trees for a black forest cake. The possibilities are endless!

(Sorry about the photo quality!)

- J

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