Friday, 22 June 2012

Bridal Shower Cake

My cousin is getting married this fall. So for her Bridal Shower, I was delighted to get to make the cake.

It was my first time playing around with gum paste (luckily, I had an awesome teacher to help me out!). I can definitely say that it will not be my last time.

Things I've Learnt:
1. Keep vegetable shortening on hand. If the gum paste starts to stiffen up, you can use a little bit of it to soften it up.

2. Whenever you're baking a cake, do it in stages. I always leave things to till the last minute (ALWAYS). My advice is to do the flowers/ gum paste days before, bake the cake two days before and ice/ fondant it the day before. Then all you have to do the day of the event is assemble it.

May the cake be with you,
- J 

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