Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sparkle Sparkle - Eyeshadow Nail Polish

Howdy! I apologize for the recent lack of postings, midterms have monopolized my life for the last couple weeks...

I did, however, get a chance to try out a new nail polish trick that I had been pondering. I seem to have an abundance of makeup, specifically glittery eyeshadow, from my high school days and I have absolutely no plans on glittering up my lids ever again. So what should a girl do with an excess of glitter?

Solution: Use is as nail polish.

I've come across several tutorials for manicure that have glittery ring fingers but have been unhappy with the consistency and sparkle size in most glitter polishes. Therefore, I propose the following:

1. Paint all nails with a base coat.
2. Paint all nails with the solid background colour that you have selected. In my case this colour was grey.
3. Apply a second layer of base coat ontop of the background colour on your ring finger (or whichever finger you choose!). Base Coats are stickier and will dry with a tackier surface than will top coats or other polishes.
4. Using a Q-tip, dab the glittery eyeshadow powder ontop of the, still wet, base coat.
5. Continue to dab until the nail is fully covered. If you feel that the eyeshadow is losing its stickiness, add another layer of base coat ontop and continue dabbing until you are happy with the coverage. Make sure that you wipe off the base coat brush after every use on the eyeshadowed nail so that it does not contaminate the rest of your polish.
6. Finish off all of your nails with a top coat.

Sparkle away!
- J

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