Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lion Paperweight - Stay away from my textbooks!

Hello all!

 Because I am on a school term right now, I am rarely ever actually at home. Normally, when I do get home I have to turn around and rush off somewhere else shortly afterwards...But don't we all?

Thus, I'm (slowly) working on a DIY revamp of my bedroom. I would like to make it as organized as possible to facilitate my rushing about... Any suggestions??

Here is a tutorial for a paperweight I just make. Paperweights seem to make any messy pile of book look a bit more organized :)

Supplies Needed
- Plastic Toy Animal (you can easily find these at most dollar stores, if you don't already have one lying around at home)
- Newspaper
- Spray Paint (any colour that you want, just make sure that the label says that it is suitable for plastics)

Step 1: Insure that your animal is cleaned and not oily. You may want to give it a quick soapy wash.

Step 2: Find a well ventilated area and lay your animal on top of a couple sheets of newspaper. This is to protect the floor, if you are doing it inside, and to keep your animal from sticking to the grass, if you are outside.

Step 3: Spray on your first coat. Make sure that you keep the spray can continuously moving as you cover the animal, this will prevent the paint from forming droplets on the surface and keep an even colour.

Step 4: Let the animal dry for an hour and then add another coat. Depending on the shape of the animal that you have chose, you may need to rotate or flip it to make sure that it is all covered.

Step 5: When completely dry, set it on top of your books to guard them!

- J

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