Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sock Buns

Recently, a lot of tutorials have been popping up online about how to do sock buns and how, using the same method, to curl your hair.

I've always been plagued with thin hair. No matter how long I grew it, it never seemed to fulfill my daydreams of the perfect little ballerina bun. Then along came the "Sock Bun" and changed everything...

Loepsie has been kind enough to post an awesome sock bun decoding tutorial on YouTube that I highly recommend.

Just to prove that the method does work, here is my version of the bun, (after my first stab at it)! It is a little bit messy but I think that that makes it look softer and more comfortable.

Things that I've learnt:

1. It is best if you can pick a sock in a color similar to your hair. I chose to use an extra black sock that had lost its mate in a washing machine battle.

2. The bun will feel very loose at first. As you are rolling the sock down your hair, slide it back upon itself causing the wrapped hair to tighten. This will form an overall tighter bun.

- J

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