Saturday, 15 October 2011

Nails: Fall Leaves

The Polish

You will need:
- Base and Top Coats
- A white or neutral polish for the background (not pictured above)
- Yellow, Green, and Red polishes for leaves. Note: Orange Polish would be an asset if you have it, or else you can mix the yellow and red polishes together as you are stamping the leaves.
- A Nail Art Pen, for those of us who do not have super steady hands.

The "How-To"

1. Paint a solid colour over all nails. I used a creamy white colour for my example.
2. Using the Nail Art Pen, draw on silhouettes of tree branches. I find that short straight lines appear more realistic than curling ones.

3. Add dots of green, yellow, orange, and red polish to branches as leaves. To do this I place drops of each colour onto a plastic surface (I used the back of a membership card, you can always use polish remover on it afterwards!). Then using a toothpick or the end of a dulled pencil, make dots along the silhouette branches.

4. Finish with a top coat of polish to smooth out any rough edges and then bribe someone to help you out with your other hand!

Things that I've learnt:
1. Doing your nails while typing up study notes really works. Paint a coat of polish, type a page, paint a coat of polish (you get the pattern..)
2. If you paint polish outside of the lines, don't worry! Let your nails dry and then wash your hands in warm water. As you are washing, use your nails to press down along your cuticles of the opposite hand. The excess nail polish should peel off easily! (This also works well if you jump in the shower)

Happy Polishing :)
- J

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