Friday, 21 October 2011

Mermaid Nails

I decided to give the new gradient glitter trend a try and here is the result!

The Products:

  • Base and Top Coats
  • A solid background colour (I used Khaki by Joe Fresh)
  • A generic sparkle polish ( I used White Sparkles by Sally Girl)

How To:
1. Paint Base Coat.
2. Paint a solid background colour. This may take multiple coats, so make sure to let each coat of this colour dry fully before the next.
3. Brush the tips of your nails with Sparkle polish as though you were painting a french manicure.
4. Add a coat of the Base Coat clear polish ontop and before it dries, add another coat of sparkles to the tips. As you do this, lightly drag the sparkle down allowing it to taper off towards towards the cuticle.
5. Finish off the nails with a Top Coat.

Sparkle Sparkle

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