Sunday, 9 October 2011

Birthday Cake - Tiffany's Style

Recently, a close friend of mine celebrated her 21st Birthday. So a group of her friends organized a surprise party. We had all been living in different cities for the summer and it was really nice to be able to get back together and catch up.

As a student (and being me), most of my presents are hand made and what better way of celebrating a birthday than with cake in my friends favorite color (my attempt at Tiffany's Blue)! It was a milk chocolate cake with a layer of fudge icing covered in butter cream and marshmallow fondant.

 (I apologize for the poor photography work and cropping!)

In my family, we have a tradition that the birthday person must make the first cut into the birthday cake and make a wish at the same time. BUT they cannot remove the knife from the cake,

Things that I have learnt from making this cake:
  • Do not store pre-made fondant in the fridge. It tends to attract condensation and becomes sticky. This, in turn, requires you to add more icing sugar and then will become harder to work with.
  • As you may have noticed, the bow on this cake is looking a little bit tired. It has been suggested to me that using gum paste or adding gum paste to the fondant would create a better material for the bow and would prevent it from drooping.
Thanks for reading!
- J

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